My account was disable and i have forgot my security question. now how can i withdraw?


My account was disable and i have forgot my security question. now how can i withdraw ?


You should ask Customer Support. And maybe read fiverr’s TOS, even before that. You’ll find links for doing both easily if you scroll down to the footer of the page.


Talk Customer Service Station
Show ID/Documentation
Reset Information
Withdraw Confirmation


see this …


It’s a security measure meant to keep your account and funds safe from people who try to steal it. If you forgot and didn’t write it down somewhere, reply them and tell them.


see this … i have already given all of data but fiverr is not responding.


Fiverr is not a chatting service.

They will take 24-48 hours to respond on a ticket.


ok. but can you tell me that will i get back my money? it is possible if i forget my security question and answer? Actually, this is my worker payment. So, i am very worried that;s why i am disturbing u. Please! never mind!!


No one on this forum can give you CORRECT answer, because no one here works for customer service.

The best thing to do, is to be patient.
Do not open multiple tickets as that will delay the process only.

If you get approval, Fiverr will send instructions on how to get back the money.



Sorry to bring this issue up again.

Where you able to get your funds back??



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If you are having issues with your account, submit a ticket to CS.


In addition to what @nikavoice said, that user was banned, so it’s highly unlikely that they’re able to answer on the forum a year after the ban.


For anything about having an account disabled, contact customer support.
Or don’t, IDC really…