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My account was disable but customer offer has received from email

Today I have received custom offer for my gig by email. but my account was disable before last 2week.
I need to know is my account available?
how I inform to him about my account disability?.
If there have any method to contact CS after disable the account?


They can be contacted at

The Fiverr profile page with your username says “This page is no longer available.” so I assume the account is still disabled.

You can’t if you can’t log in.

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Thanks uk1000!
But how is that customer send me offer?

I don’t know. Maybe he still had your link available (gig link/profile link or in the inbox) eg. due to caching - maybe he hadn’t reloaded a page or a server hadn’t reloaded it since your account was disabled. Or maybe it let him respond to a buyer request offer you sent even though the account had since been disabled. I assume it was a custom offer request rather than an offer (an offer would be something a seller sends to a buyer).

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I think so and maybe it has happened. May I know why your ID has been disabled ?

Thank you uk100 for information!

Due to TOS. but initially my gig was approved. after CS support due to gig issue they disable the account

Did they mention any reason?

There wouldn’t be a point to disabling your account if they would just re-enable it again.

The reason is violate TOS

CS said that is the last decision and I cannot get back my account :pensive:

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it is very bad news…

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Exactly. As I said it would make no sense to disable you for breaking ToS if they would reinstate you.

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