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My account was disable


unfortunately my account was disable . I fell very uneasy. Please give me suggestion. how I back it .


Hmm, so you got yourself in a pickle. :cucumber:

What caused you to be in this mess in the first place?

You really need to get in touch with Customer Support. People on the forum can only speculate and whatnot. You need to get answers directly from the source :horse: mouth, which is CS.


I want to know is it possible?


Hmm, it depends. I’ve seen some users get a second chance, others not so much. In order to get an account disabled, you must’ve violated the TOS. What did you do? First, you need to own up to your mistake(s) and go from there.


I did spam. But I did not know. I have given a massage, but I can not replay. What should I do now?


Spam does not sound like a life threatening offense, so if you show regret, are friendly to support and promise it won’t happen again, I’m sure you’ll get a second chance.


I have given a massage, but I can not replay.


Like I said earlier you need to open a CS ticket. Admit your wrongdoing, humbly ask for a second chance. Stress that you will never ever spam another user again. Btw, it’s message not massage.


A massage would be nice though! :hugs:


Oh my goodness, tell me about it. I totally need a good massage right now. :smile:


I give a massage on support. Am i waiting for decision? how long?


I know, right! Off to a massage parlour then, unless you have a slave available for that job :smile:


It’s very late in my neck of the woods. So, the Spas are closed. I’m stuck with a hand massager. :grin:


I’m heading to bed. :sleeping: I suggest you do the same or find something else to do in the meantime.

Patience, CS response time varies anywhere up to 24-48hrs.

You gave Support a massage. :hushed: A bribery to get your account back?! j/k :smile:


Haha, bribing support with massages! :joy: That has to work!

Yeah, there is massage and there is message, so best to get those right, so someone does not expect something from you that you didn’t mean!

Message = “A discrete unit of communication intended by the source for consumption by some recipient or group of recipients”

Massage = “Massage is to work and act on the body with pressure.”


ok, i wait for 24-48 hours.
thanks for your kindness. Thanks for spending your important time


I never saw any lucky guy who got his account back.
You should go through for new account,And try to avoid those mistakes that you did last time


Yw! :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds like a plan. :ok_hand:t4: Don’t forget to let us know what they say. :coffee:


they say, it not possible.


OK, ask them permission to create a new account. I guess you’ll have to chalk this one up to a lesson learned.