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My account was disabled after 3 years as LEVEL 2.. what should i do?

Hi guys, today I was working on my orders to send as usual, and all of a sudden i got an email and my account got DISABLED for violating TOS. they say i was unprofessional in my conversations with another user, i have had that issue some time ago and i received a warning and then it was over, i got back to work…

do you know if anything can be done… i had over 750 completed orders… almost 600 positive reviews and the account was going great… i even had a good amount of money in pendind clearance… what will happen to all this??

i am literally blown away, still can’t believe it… after 3 years of hard work and gaining reviews, all has been deleted?..

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Just start work from 0 now…

Do you believe you violated the ToS? If so, then there’s not much you can do other than apologise profusely and, failing that, ask for permission to re-open a new account.

You’ll be able to withdraw your money in 90 days.

Yes you can not able to reopen your account.
There is many ToS you need to know about.

How do i get in touch with the support team, i cannot login anymore… i want to explain everything to them
this is devastating…

is there any possible option that it could be reopen? has that ever happened before?

Usually accounts are only re-opened if Fiverr has made an error. If a seller has broken the rules in the ToS, it’s very rare for their account to be re-opened. Usually, the best a seller like this can hope for is to be allowed back with a new account.

To contact CS without an account, go to the bottom of the homepage, and click on Contact Support. You’ll see the log-in box open up. At the bottom of the box you’ll see text saying “Don’t have an account? Click Here.”


Thank you, I really did not know these could happen with the account. You seem to be pro in this area

Thanks a lot

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if i will reopen, will still be able to get in contact with my old buyers? had lots of contacts and repeated buyers on my account…

Sorry bro, but you are done now. You will not get old account back and nor the old contacts. You will need to open another account if CS allows.

Sorry bro. You will have to start from scratch.

has any of you guys ever started over from scratch?.. did you manage to get back on track with the account and order flow?

Yikes! That’s a huge blow. :bomb:

:bulb: Don’t open a new account (just yet) unless you get permission first.

Here’s 5r CS direct email address If your account is toast :bread: bread and you still want to continue working on this platform, politely ask for their permission.

i honestly don’t know yet… still waiting on a response to my ticket, i wrote a long honest letter explaining and apologizing if i made mistakes violating the TOS… it’s just so frustrating, that everything was going so well and now this happened… i was aiming to TOP RATED SELLER soon, just had to check a few of the specs and i was eligible… and now its game over… totally opposite result…

what do you think? should i reopen?..

You can try recording a :video_camera: video of yourself. (attach it to the ticket)

Explaining your side of the story.


How 5r is a great part of your life, family etc… (income)

I’m just thinking out loud here.

If you know you violated the TOS, confess to them and say “I made a mistake and I promise to never do it again” just be real and genuine.

No guarantees this method will work, but it’s worth a shot. :tropical_drink:


And post it to Youtube and FB and Instagram and use Fiverr specific tags. This way if you are 100% certain that you have not done anything counter to TOS, you can at least help make others aware of how risky it is using a platform like Fiverr and its out of control CS automation.

Good luck!


Thanks, Cy, for the extra tidbits. :sunglasses:

Social Media is powerful like the Incredible Hulk. :muscle:t4:

People should use it more often to let their voices be heard.

If I were in the OPs shoes :mans_shoe: :mans_shoe: I highly doubt, I’d suck it up and continue working here. Starting from scratch would be bleeping insane. :grimacing:

when i think to start over, it’s just crazy… the amount of time invested and hundreds of orders that took to reach the levels and ranks… especially now when the market is over saturated…

my only doubt is that it said in the message that it was my 3rd offence and thats why i got banned… the fact is, one of the warnings was sent becase of LATE DELIVERY but in fact i was not late at all… buyer just requested revision after some time and till i saw it next day it went into late status. but the order was delivered on time as primary delivery.
can you get warning for that or maybe it was a system error ?.. if that is the case, instead of 3 violations there are only 2 left that are viable… can those still close my account for good?..

Indeed. This tactic has worked for Fiverr Jesus twice now. And in the process, he has become one of the hottest social media influencers on FameBit. - Of course, he does have amazing hair.

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his case is clearly something special… i’m not either a social media star or have such a huge fanbase of followers to support my cause… was just a good seller in graphics and design, did unique illustrations that people loved. I fear my appeal will not impress them… i’m just wondering if this was something manually performed, or was it automatic by the system ?..

You cannot do anything actually, just be genuine don’t shout at them be polite.
they will consider your matter, and if they consider you will be having just one chance to explain, and then story will be closed and make a new account if cs allowed.