My account was disabled for no reason


Hello to everyone here :slight_smile:
I am currently having the worst experience here on Fiverr which is causing me so much stress…

Two days ago, I was working on my pending orders as even I was about to deliver an order when suddenly I was redirected to the home page and asked to log in again. When I tried doing that it was stated: “Your account was disabled…”

After trying a couple of times to log in unsuccessfully, I contacted fiverr CS.
I am simply amazed by how fiverr decided to disable my account with not even sharing one reason with me. I haven’t got any warning, any email prior to disabling the account…just nothing.

Moreover, my numbers on my disabled profile were perfect (which I worked nearly 2 years for). On my gig (created couple of months ago) I had nearly 100 five star reviews. My communication with clients was 100% clear and effective, my delivery time as well.

I have no words to express my disappointment and the inconvenience that this caused me… I guess every seller here can share my feelings when investing so much time and efforts to maintain his performance on Fiverr for that long time and to be “removed” with no reason, warning or anything… I have revised the Terms and conditions so many times and yet I cannot relate any of my activity on the platform being against the rules…

After disabling my account I created new one JUST for the sake of being in touch with them and having a tracking number of the case (having ticket number). I am absolutely aware that here you cannot have more than 1 active account so that is why my newly created one will be erased as soon as I get my case resolved (which of course I have mentioned more than 3 times in my messages to the CS team).

My biggest disappointment, however, came from the answer I got from the CS team last night, saying that I am not allowed to have more than one active account on fiver, After me explaining million times why did I create this one (only to get in touch with them and having a track of my case) even though my account was disabled even before I thought of creating the new one to only get in touch with them…

I just felt as no one from the CS has actually read through my messages and revised my case but just sent me an automatic reply in order to mark the case as resolved,…

Please, if someone has ever experienced something similar to this, I will be glad to share your experience with me :slight_smile:

P.S I am sorry for the long message but I am more than affected from what’s happening and will be thankful to all of you who take from their time to read this :slight_smile: Thank you all !!


Oh my… that sounds really sad. I haven’t had a problem like that before because I’m still new. But for sure, Fiverr don’t listen to sellers EVER. So there’s that. I hope your new account will be as successful as the first one.


Unfortunately, this is just downright utterly and completely wrong. You’re making a generalization that isn’t supported by facts. I’m a seller, and I have a had fantastic communication (and issue resolution) from CS/Fiverr. So have many other sellers.

It is unwise to sink to the point of generalizations just to have something “helpful” to say.


Sure, might be true. But then again, he didn’t get his account back which is really sad.


Thank you @fullb0dy :slight_smile:
Actually what I am hoping for is to get my old account back as there is no logic reason of them disabling it. Unless they give me evidence and a proper reason of what’s going on I will be contacting and insisting of at least getting my revenue back as this is more than unfair to “cut you off” like this…

@jonbaas thanks for commenting :slight_smile: It is actually a point of experience here. I have never had such problem before as well and if asked before I would say the same as you do (had great communication with fiver) as long as something like this happens. Then, believe me you realize how automated this system is and you are just one of the all users out there :slight_smile:

P.S by the way I am a girl :))


Hello again to everyone :slight_smile:
just to give a quick update regarding my case as I am sure many of you have experienced or are about to experience such a ridiculous, manipulated situation…

So, as I have explained my account was disabled without any warnings, any explanation or emails… After my first approach contacting the CS team, I received the following email :
> " Hi bilyanah!
_> _
> We are constantly working on improving every aspect of our marketplace. Our dedicated team has reviewed your account activity and determined that it is in violation of our Terms of Service and/or other policies. As a result, this message is to let you know that your Fiverr account has been disabled.
_> _
> Any available balance that remains in your account after 90 days, will be available for withdrawal pending account verification and approval by our team.
_> _
> For more information, please review our Terms of Service.
_> _
> If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us
_> _
> Thanks,
_> _
> The Fiverr team

After that, my second approach aiming to know what is the reason behind this, failed again as I received the same message not giving me a proper answer but just saying the profile was disabled…

BTW my profile had perfect numbers, over 95% delivery time, 4.9 out of 5 reviews rating, 97% communication and the rest was 100%… I haven’t had any problems with my clients, they were all satisfied and were coming back or recommending my service …

Also, by the time I had my one and only account, I haven’t had any other account. Afer talking with friends working on the same platform they advised me to create a new account just for the sake of contacting CS team and to have a track of the tickets there. Once again, I am saying I haven’t had any other account by the time I had my disabled one. I created a new account one day after they disabled mine as I used the totally different email address of course.I haven’t put any image on my newly created profile or any other info as it was only for the purpose of getting in touch with CS team…

After creating a ticket (or opening a case) on the new account and explaining to them what happened and what my concerns are, etc, I got the following reply

> " Stefan Yesterday at 04:48
_> _
> Hi Bilyana,
_> _
> As stated in our Terms of Service, users are limited to one active account. Any additional account determined to be created to circumvent guidelines, promote competitive advantages, or mislead the Fiverr community is disabled. Mass account creation may result in disabling of all related accounts.
_> _
> As a result, your account has been reviewed by our Trust & Safety team, and permanently disabled. Please refer to this link outlining our Terms of Service.
_> _
> If you have funds available in your Fiverr account, please contact us 90 days after the date on which you received notification that your account was disabled, and we will gladly assist you.
_> _
> Hope this clears things up.
_> _
> Kind regards.

Which for me was a total confusion knowing that I have my other account disabled (not active) and telling them that I have created this account a day after they banned mine! I even sent evidence when was the account created and that I had no activity on the account (no gig created or history)…

The next reply I got from them was ABSOLUTELY the same saying that they banned my account because of having this new account.
THE SHOCK when I opened my newly created account was HUGE. I saw on my account that I have the same image I used to have in my banned one and I had my history of conversation with CS team transferred from my banned account…which was SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE. I have proof I have created this account with totally new email just a day ago and haven’t touched any settings or changing/adding profile pic or so…

For me, this was a PURE MANIPULATION from FIVERR side.
Then I tried to contact the HQ office that they obviously have in Tel Aviv, Israel. I experienced troubles getting in touch again./

My boyfriend called the same number as well as he had problems with his account as well, not being able to verify his number, and the receptionist who picked up the phone did not introduce herself then after him repeating 10 times why is he calling she started trembling and so wasn’t able to help at all, of course… When I tried to call later the same number it was giving me a wrong number or no signal…

Again, I apologize for this long post, however, I believe that sellers here on the platform should be much appreciated as we are the one bringing money to the website. Without our work, the platform wouldn’t be that successful. So we need proper communication, feedback and quality customer support…

I am more than pissed, disappointed and stressed as I have put a lot of effort to build up my profile and to maintain excellent service so I provide my clients with high-quality work… Also, I invested a lot of time on the platform and I started making very good money which means Fiverr started receiving ONE MORE huge profit.

Hopefully, I will get some support from you guys!

if there is anyone experieng the same problem, I will be happy to help with thatever I know or however I can so we are not alone here :slight_smile:



So sad.
it is Right Fiverr never listen seller.
These same thing happened with me in May.
with out any Problem My account was disable and even they can’t tell me the reason.
But now I come up with new Account.


You stated that your boyfriend has a Fiverr account as well. Have both you and your boyfriend been on Fiverr at the same time, in the same house? Fiverr may see that as having more than one account, since both accounts are originating from the same place.


Lol…STRANGE reason - According to that - 2 family member can’t get job in same company :smile:


Hi and thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

I am about to make another account as well however I am waiting first to get an adequate reply from the CS TEAM as I would like this thing to be sorted. I don’t want this to happen again so I need to know what have I done in order to be cut off without any warning…


Hii @jonbaas :slight_smile:

My boyfriend is on this platform long time before me being here.

We never had any problems with it until now. I am on fivere since 2016…


Hii @fast_editing :slight_smile:
Obviously this is ridiculous situation which needs to have an explanation…

All of my friends and people i know who work on the platform say that recently what they experience with the CS team is more than alwful and none sense…


Nope. Not strange at all. It HAS happened before. Other users on this forum have had their accounts disabled for this very reason. This is why many of us veteran sellers keep advising new sellers to contact Fiverr and let them know of the multiple people with accounts in one household BEFORE working on Fiverr. This way, Fiverr knows ahead of time that these aren’t one person with multiple accounts.


Seriously? Fiverr has noted that your other account was banned because they have evidence that you seem to have multiple accounts – which are against the rules, and now you’re going to create yet another account? :confused: Clearly you’re not taking this banned account thing seriously.

Don’t create another account. You don’t need another account.


If it is official policy to suspend accounts of Fiverr sellers in close physical proximity to each other, Fiverr should make people officially aware of this fact.

It is 2018. People live in apartment buildings. People have relationships. People pay to use for-purpose freelance coworking spaces. As one of the latter, it is only Fiverr which I need to worry about when not working from home, and only Fiverr which is purposefully avoided by fellow coworkers because of having such a poor reputation.

If Fiverr has a problem with 2 people in close proximity using the platform they could at least be courteous enough to release official guidelines. It helps no one (and directly damages Fiverr’s reputation) when sellers receive automatic account bans which they have to break TOS just to investigate. It is also grossly unreasonable to suggest that sellers should keep a lookout on the Fiverr forum for gossip concerning what scenarios might one day constitute a ban.

I’m sorry to say it but as us veteran sellers know, you will likely have more luck beating a brick to death.

If you have only one account (aside from this one) have been paid to a separate PayPal address to your partner, offer different services, and genuinely have nothing to hide, your best option would be to look into forwarding your complaint to a third party like the BBB.


Hi @jonbaas

I don’t think you went through what I have typed in my messages as you would see I mentioned i haven’t had ANY second account. i just had my main one working on it since 2016… that’s it. I ve created new one just one day ago AS OBVIOUSLY i have no account on fiverr anymore…
And what I mean with “im about to create new one” is that i stil want to do what I was doing , i still want to work as so…So, in order to be able to do that I would need eventually an account, isn’t it?
I am absolutely aware that you are not allowed to have more than 1 active account which I have never done and I am not planning to do …

At the moment I have only this account (bilyanahh) since thw other one was disabled days before i created this one :wink:

Hope that makes sense and I believe this is not the real reason


Hi @cyaxrex
Thank you very much for getting involved and sharing opinion. I totally agree with you!

Regarding what I mentioned about my boyfriend working on the same platform, honestly I refuse to believe it has anything related to my case. He is working on the platform as I said for years and it is not the first time we work from the same place… As you said what if I have a neighbor who also works on fiverr however i don’t know him and have no clue what is he doing…am I potential target for fiverr to delete my profile…

I don’t believe this is or SHOULD be a reason…EVEN if so i would need to have this confirmed by them … Not just throwing words in order to close the case .


At our office many users login to fiver under the same internet connection and i have contacted fiver support and asked that, will it be a problem to my account if multiple users login fiver under same IP.

Then i got the answer from the customer support as Multiple accounts under one IP will not be a problem unless you are not violated the Fiver TOS.