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My account was disabled for selling plr videos

Hello greetings to all, my account was deactivated, I contacted support and they told me that the services I was offering was not allowed … I was offering PLR products or videos with resale rights, I sold more 35 orders, 100% positive feedback, and meets the requirements to level up on the 15th, plus they disabled my account, can someone help me? If you search for me, my profile appears.


hello, what is plr? I really don´t know

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These are products with resale rights that you buy and you can resell them

Was that the only service you offered?


You broke this part of the TOS

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Yes, it was the only service, I don’t understand many people offering the same service, but they just deactivated me. claiming that what I offered was not allowed, because they did not warn me before, I never received any notice, and they never excluded any of my shows, more unfortunately after several sales they tell me that what I was offering is against TOS.

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… or this one …

PLR is very low quality …


Explain it to me well, is it that everyone who offers articles and videos or plr ebooks are violating this TOS?

I can agree with you, but they even promote PLR services on the platform,

Well, they’ll get to the others. Newish ones are low hanging fruit …

Are you sure that PLR is what Fiverr disallows when they say “reselling of regulated goods”? Doesn’t “regulated goods” mean something else - like what is regulated by the FDA?

If the PLR allows resale then surely that (resale of them - whether on Fiverr or somewhere else) should be allowed (as long as it follows any necessary rules about resale of them)? Or if not, shouldn’t Fiverr have put that in some policy/TOS page? There’s around 1,222 gigs related to PLR, including by level 2 sellers. Maybe they should have said something sooner (maybe including on the forum) if they’re not allowed.

Its quite unclear to be honest. But this may be the reason why. Regulated goods can be understood in different ways. Although you have a point.


Fiverr is for selling freelancer services, not products.

It shouldn’t surprise you that this is for services, not products.

Just because other people getting away with breaking the ToS, that doesn’t justify you doing it.

Where does it say in the terms of service that sellers are not allowed to sell products?
I think plenty of sellers sell/have sold pre-made products they created themselves (eg. documents), including TRS.

The “service” in this case (like many) would have surely been delivering what the buyer had asked/paid for.

Fiverr didn’t say that selling PLR goods was against the TOS (in the actual TOS or a policy page) or was
not one of the services allowed.

The fact that there were >1200 gigs selling PLR and those gigs were approved by Fiverr staff/moderators would surely have made the OP think they were allowed. If Fiverr approved those gigs and nothing is said against those types of services in the TOS or anywhere else by Fiverr, why shouldn’t he think they are allowed? If they aren’t allowed Fiverr shouldn’t have said “yes this gig is allowed” over 1200 times for that same service.

edit: If selling PLR is against their rules shouldn’t Fiverr have just added a new rule to their automated checks to check for “PLR” in the gig title and so made future checks of gigs a lot easier/quicker?

Disabling the account for something the OP didn’t know and wasn’t told and was led to believe was allowed (by what Fiverr did in approving 1200 gigs) is probably too much of a punishment really. Why not give a warning at most or just let them know that that it isn’t allowed if that’s the case?


Or I feel like they could have just paused the gig in question for review or flagged it for modification. I have had issues with my gigs before where I technically had a rule-breaking item in my images or gig description and I never got a warning or had my account disabled. They just paused my gig, flagged the issue, and then reviewed it for approval after I fixed the problem. I realize that is extra steps for Fiverr, but I probably had as many sales then as OP has now, and it made sense for them to keep me on.


Also when they decided that money spells were no longer allowed they deleted hundreds or more of them but they didn’t disable accounts for it. So why are they disabling accounts if they now think PLR gigs aren’t allowed?

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I make your words mine, I really didn’t understand why they closed my account … Their justification is irrelevant, even my shows were promoted by the platform, because they were almost all on the first page.

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What do you mean by service? So I compile a group of products, organize them and make them available to a customer, am I not offering a service? Review your service concept.

Do you think that reaching level 2 offering plr services is low quality?