My account was disabled help me


Good evening, I’m writing hereto know if someone else happened to the same as me, what happened is that today I disabled my account of fiverr without reason and I want to know what will happen to the money I have in my account. I got a message to my mail saying something like that after 90 days the “money” will be available to withdraw is that true? I want to know if I did not lose that money and I want to know if fiverr sent me the money that I earn with a lot of effort


Yes, after 90 days you can withdraw the funds, to get more info on what to do after the 90 days contact Cusomer Support, they will tell you what to do


I have to create a new account and there is that contact?


Is it safe for me to get my money back?


You have to ask those questions to Customer Support


Ok ok I send you a request from my blocked account, but can I do it from a new account?