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My account was disabled .how to get my funds back?

3 months passed while my account was disabled .how to get my funds back?

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Your account is active, and your last delivery was 3 days ago.

Did you get the permission from Customer Support to create a new account after your old one was disabled? If not, your new account is likely to get banned, too.

Contact Customer Support.


no it’s not my account i post from my sister’s account

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You might want to warn your sister that she’s violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service in several ways, then, and that she could easily get banned.


Contact with CS @talendesigner

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90 days later you will back your funds.

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directly? ???

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No,after 90 days fiverr will send you a mail and give you few times to transfer funds.


thank you so much…

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You are Most welcome

There is no way to get back the funds within 90 days so you must have to wait for it because as we all know that fiverr is very strict about their rules but you must need to contact FCS.