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My account was disabled mistakenly?

Hello Fiverr Lords!

My account was recently disabled permanently for violating TOS, according to them.
But I was not even online during the time my account was disabled. No chat or messages during this time.

“Hi Emmanuel,
I checked this for you again and I can confirm that another user was requested to engage in activity that would result in an arrangement that would allow making profit outside of Fiverr. We are sorry for the inconvenience, the account cannot be reinstated for this reason.”

Which I never did, because I was not online during the time of the violation. I have been trying to explain to them that I was not online.

Is there a way I can get more clarification on how I violated the TOS because I feel there is a misunderstanding here?


Nobody on the forum can help you with this as we are just buyers and sellers. Only Customer Support can give you the clarification you require.


It sounds like they saw some chat messages that showed you were attempting to get paid outside of fiverr. We don’t have any information on details.

It would not necessarily have been while you were away. It could have been earlier.

It also could have been some sort of contact on other sites such as facebook with a client you first talked to on fiverr.


May be this is due to the login of another user at the same time you were online from your account.
He may have your password of your profile.

I feel my account was hacked, I have been explaining to the customer support but they failed to listen to me. I am just depressed now.

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Why do you think that it was hacked?

I was really surprised, the only thing i got was two email of a warning mail and account disabled at same time. I have been trying to explain but they are not listening. Please else can i do.

I never try to take buyer of the platform and at that time, I was not online. I only received two mails, a warning mail and disabled account mail.

Leave that account and start another one that is the possible solution i guess and use strong passwords.

The only time I shared any link, is shared a link to my google drive which has my recent job and portfolio.