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My account was disabled Please HELP


Hi mate,
My fiverr account was disabled.!!! I contacted support and they said I use more than one account But it’s never true…
I use only one account and I am new on fiverr only 30 days.
I completed 2 orders with 5* review.
I used Modem for internet connection.
Please tell me what can do now…???
I am very disappointed. I wanted to make online career but fiverr stop me.


Are you sure that you don’t have more than 1 account? If yes than contact the CS again and ask that You don’t have multiple accounts and it was done in error.


I am 100% sure I never use more than one account


Have patience. All will be okay


Pray for me. Believe, I have only one account…


Probable causes: VPN, shared networks or logging in where family or friends are using Fiverr.


I use a Modem for internet connection


Multiple people can use one modem. Regardless, there are no staff regularly reading the forum. Forum readers can guess but cannot help you directly.


You can contact support and ask them to close all other accounts they believe are yours. Tell them you have no interest in having more than 1 account. If you haven’t used other accounts to violate TOS, like reviewing your own gigs, then there’s nothing to worry about.


If you use a VPN to change your IP number you may have accidentally used the same IP number as another Fiverr user who also uses the same VPN.


I didn’t use VPN…


Talk to Customer Support; they are the ONLY people that can help you. And if they’ve already told you that your account was cancelled because of having more than one account… that’s your answer. You can attempt to obtain more clarification from them, but they are the only ones that can help you. If they provide an answer, THAT is is their answer.


They said my account is permanently disabled. But believe I have only one account. I used a modem for internet connection… What can I do now?


I (and others in this topic) have already told you what to do. Talk to Customer Support. If Customer Support has given you a final answer, then THAT is your answer. We cannot fix this for you. Only CS has the power to provide an answer.



In your case you need to talk with CS and have to prove that you only have one account. If you send them some proof that you have only one account than they might be chances to retain your account.