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My account was disabled without resons

My account has been closed without warning. For no reason, is there a solution to this problem?

You’ll need to ask Customer Services I’m afraid. :sunny:

plz can y give me email of Customer Services ?

Here you go:

I’m sure there’s a logical reason. However, if you think you did something wrong fess up and own it.
I’m not accusing you of anything. People come on here all the time claiming innocence.


The suspension probably came from you using Elle Fanning’s portrait as your profile image. Since your Fiverr account is gone now, I would suggest a pinch of creativity and tonloads of originality for your future endeavors.


It looks like your gigs offered youtube views and Instagram comments and these types of gigs are being removed. You had one that offered 50,000 youtube views for $30 which fiverr and youtube do not allow.


No I believe you have misunderstood this was because of “no resons.”


yeah course, but i need now my account

Contact Customer Support and ask them why your account was Disabled, I am sure they will come up with a Solid Reason.! Be Polite with them & Explain your Position, I hope you will get your Account Back as I have seen many got their Accounts Back.
Good Luck

Contact Support.