My account was disabled


Good day…please my name is rose and am really not happy with fiverr policy as to regards to sellers…my account was disabled permanently two days ago, with huge funds inside…i worked my ass so hard for it and i contacted CS only to be ignored.pls i need help because i intented using the money to pay my health bills…this is not fiverr…someone should talk to fiverr to allow me access my account and at least withdraw my earnings… i deserve that


Now flip the page and tell the people what you did to get banned.


Well, I just checked and your account doesn’t seem to be banned - it’s fully active and people are able to make purchases. So, what do you mean by “banned” since your account is still active?


Yes. I have find you active as well. If you cannot access your account you may can try with difference browser. It may will work.


If I understood correctly your account was disabled.
So wat we see is your new account, right?
I agree with @phantompower, now turn off the whining and tell us what you did to get your behind kicked so drastically. Maybe like this, some people can give you a hint.


Its not this account… the account username is Writing_quin …it wad making huge sales…fiverr was too harsh on me…help me check the account- writing_quin


I did nothing wrong…i was hacked…well they said they noticed some illegal activities from my account


There we have it: creating multiple account is not allowed, it’s against the Terms of Service.

Multiple Accounts - To prevent fraud and abuse, users are limited to one active account. Any additional account determined to be created to circumvent guidelines, promote competitive advantages, or mislead the Fiverr community will be disabled. Mass account creation may result in disabling of all related accounts. Note: any violations to Fiverr’s Terms of Service is cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.


Well i have two accounts though…but am not using the second account…


It doesn’t matter if you use it or not, you created two accounts, most likely from the same location/address, breaking the TOS. So you’re lucky this current account wasn’t banned as well :wink:

Wait, you don’t use this account? Even though it has active gigs? Or you don’t use the banned account which you made money with? As far as I see it, you used them both from what you said.



There you go…

Your account was not hacked, they found you at cheating
If you want to cover your health bills by cheating…


That last sentence is really inappropriate. Please remove it.


My apologies :expressionless:


Having 2 accounts is against fiverr’s TOS to begin with. Fiverr can detect traffic coming from your IP address.


Looks like the other account was created only after the first one was disabled, so that does not seem to be the reason. It also says “limited to one ACTIVE account”, so seems like you can create a new one if you have zero active accounts. Only way to communicate here as well, I believe :smile: But once the first one is unbanned? You then have 2 active accounts!

Have you done anything you believe might be the cause? They don’t just randomly suspend someone. :confused: Were you selling articles only?


You seem to have an association with even more than two accounts, and they don’t appear to be in the United States. Even if you had been “hacked” the account you are writing on now wouldn’t be disguised by a proxy, but it sure looks like it is. Maybe that’s why you are having problems?


Thats funny though…i base in america.someone has been using my account…can i get my account back…the writing_quin…because i got funds inside…at least let me withdraw my funds


Only Customer Support can help you. Forum users are just sellers and buyers, we’re not Fiverr staff.


That’s strange, because your time zone matches mine, and I’m definitely not in America.


The bottom line is you wouldn’t be in this pickle; if you did one simple thing. Abide by the TOS which you agreed to when joined the site. Breaking the TOS, there’s hardly any wiggle room for second chances. As :cat: writer stated we cannot help you, CS is the only way to go.