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My account was flagged but did I really brake the TOS?

Hello guys, today I received a massage from fiverr that my account was flagged due to a TOS violation.

"Hi designql,
Your account has been flagged for sharing contact information.
To protect our community and to promote a safe marketplace, we ask that you do not exchange personal contact information (e.g. ■■■■■, email, phone number, social media information, etc.). We ask that you also do not request to communicate outside of the Fiverr platform, as it creates safety and privacy concerns. Please remember that services should be offered and delivered exclusively on Fiverr.

This is your first warning. If you repeat this violation or continue to violate Fiverr’s TOS, your account will be suspended."

Well I wonder if this flagging system works with algorithms or with real people deciding the result of TOS violation. And about the violation, I was talking with my customer on fiverr but we had to talk via video chat or a call that includes screen share (because I wanted him to see the setup inside the design and I could show him my tools inside the software) and fiverr has no service that you can make calls with. That’s why we considered that it would be better if we use ■■■■■ for it. And when I saw the TOS reminder, “Terms of Service reminder: Providing email, ■■■■■, or phone number is only allowed if it is needed as part of the service. Otherwise, all communication must go through Fiverr.” I saw that what I do is not violating this TOS as I do it only as a “part of the service” for real. I wonder did I get flaged because of using this “■■■■■” word a lot or because of something else. I just try to give a good service on fiverr and I am quite new to it. Also my customer asked me to do the payment in another environment and I replied as continues: “Unfortunately third party payments are a serious violation in Fiverr and I can’t accept any offer and can’t use third party programs if it isn’t for service as it threaten my account and payments already done.”.

I also created a request on Fiverr Help about it. If such situations happens because of the algorithms, I think I shouldn’t even say “Sorry I can’t use ■■■■■” as it might think that I try to use it. And I believe you understand me, when we try to do design, we try to do nothing but the wish of the customer. So I always need to have all the feedback from them in order to create better results. Could you guys please give me your ideas about this topic?



Yes certain words get flagged in the inbox. Though the trust and safety team manually check the warnings as far as I know (they might sometimes make mistakes and maybe give an incorrect flag). The word beginning with “Sk” is probably one of them (if that’s the word that isn’t showing in your post). So I wouldn’t ask for their Sk… details over the inbox. When they say “is only allowed if it is needed as part of the service” the gig should have been set up for it if it required it.

eg. gigs like “I will teach you English over Sk___” are probably okay, since the sk… details are needed by the gig, and if the buyer’s Sk… details are asked for in the gig requirements section.

You could contact CS and let them know if you think it was really necessary to use it (and see if they might remove the warning), though in future it’s not worth risking it. Use attachments in the inbox/order page (eg. screenshots/images) to show things to the buyer if you need to or video attachments if necessary.


Hey uk1000, thanks for your reply. It is then, very important for me to ask for their Sk… or another platform address in the gig requirements section so that may let us to have screen share as this is one of the most important way for me to show the work in the way that they can see it with the setup. Are you sure that it isn’t also a violation to ask for such addresses in the gig requirements?


If it’s really necessary for the gig that should be the place where it’s asked for I think (like in my example). You’re probably best checking with CS first I think though, just to be safe (in case they don’t think it’s really necessary for the gig/just to be sure). So I’d check with CS first before changing the gig requirements to ask for it (if adding attachments like screenshots to posts can’t really be done instead).

  • Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the Order Page.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Suggest you get permission from Customer Support as @uk1000 advised before using off Fiverr contact as they may not deem it necessary in order to provide the service you are offering.

Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account. Don’t risk it!


I checked it out, thanks for sharing.

I think the safest way is to ask for permission, I just believe it may take some time for them to reply back…

But I believe there is nothing for me to do but wait for the CS’s reply. And I can continue to my work with your suggestions and be more cautious about the communication. Thanks for your replies and please share your thoughts if you have any other.

This may be helpful to you: Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers


I turned down three different clients within 24 hours. One of them was asking for my What’sApp number so that we can have a video interview before they decide to hire me for a long-term project. I turned this guy down and said it’s not allowed.
Another user after few minutes asked me to provide my personal contact details so that he can communicate well because he isn’t too familiar with fiverr messaging system. Well I also turned down this conversation and close it saying he can record a video or an audio explaining what he wants and send it to me. That guy fled with no response.
Yet another user ask for my email to send files through there and I told them that they can send whatever sort of file they have either videos, images, text documents and links to the sample they’re inspired by. This guy said “You’re not serious” (referring to me)…
So some buyers don’t know how it works because they are new and some have experience with other seller(s) already but choose to turn a blind eye to cause some trouble to your account.

Sharing personal details can definitely get your account flag. eg. The word Sky’pe (if I didn’t add the hyphen somewhere in the middle of the word, it would be ■■■■■).

So be more careful next time.

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Thanks for your reply Sirleewho. You know some of us are students, young aged developers, some of us give service as we enjoy it, some of us are designers and some others only need money. So not everyone can act like you did, like a “reluctant seller”. But we all need to accept the rules of the game we play. I wish there was a way to be much more integrated with the buyers or having less brokerage commission or whatever it is that causes this problems, so people wouldn’t try to turn a blind eye to the rules.

Well to the fact that some of the sellers are students. Yes, I’m one of them because I’m also a student as well. But I’ve to be reluctant when I know my account might fall into a mess or even make me lose my account at all, I’ve to act that way. We have to abide by the rules to avoid any issues. If I were to agree to what those buyers asked me to do. My account might have 1-2 warnings or even suspended long ago.
And to be honest with you, those buyers who asked me about that. None of them has made another purchase till yet and one of them has been offline for weeks now. So if I were to agree and share my details I would have ended up with warnings or lose my account and no orders from them either.