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My account was flagged. What does this means pls?


This is getting too much for me to handle as a new seller. The other day my three Gigs got deleted when I submitted videos for CS approval with them claiming that the Gig’s was in a related category. So now I logged in to my account today and saw a message saying that my account was flagged for offering services not allowed on Fiverr. The Gig was a pure graphics designer gig.
What am I doing wrong pls?


i am not understanding what you are talking about. please explain in brief.


Thank you. I have edited the message for better understanding.


If they were the designing gigs and it got denied then there must be a reason. Something which is not allowed on Fiverr was there in your gigs. You got flagged because 3 times your gig got deleted on denied which raises the account authenticity issues. It is better for you to contact CS, and asks if they can give more information. But I also suggest you read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy of Fiverr.


Thank you for the message.
Wait, I think I just found the reason now!


Also, What does this flag mean?
Would it affect my rankings and search availability in any way?


The flag will not decrease or increase your sales, views, etc. but it will affect your account… let’s just say that there is a limited time an account can get flagged or can get warned and after that Fiverr ban the account from its platform


Thank you for the detailed explanations.