My account was hacked for fiverr_promo


My account was hacked for fiverr_promo (inbox), I lost 36 dollars, Im very sad and unhappy, I send two tickets from Fiverr Support, I dont know why Fiverr wasnt blocked the hackers accounts? Im very very sad and disilucioned with the fiverr.

What is the solution from fiverr?

I need my 36 dollars, I work a lot but the hacker stole my money, and I cant changed my password




Reply to @inkpetal: What green tick are you talking about?


I don’t want to sound unsympathetic, but all these posts about being hacked is not telling the whole story. Actually “hack” is the wrong word. If you provide someone your data (log in, password, etc), be it by filling out a form or message, that is not a hack. You may of been swindled, but hacking isn’t what happen.

If these posts are going to be any service they need to disclose the WHOLE story. How were you “hacked” (I’ll use it since the OP did)? Was there a link and you provided info to that link or filled out a form providing your information?

I have yet seen where someone’s account on Fiverr has been “hacked” without the member providing the hacker the information needed to access their account.


No need to send multiple tickets to customer support. It generally takes them a few days to respond and even longer if you send multiple requests. I know it’s frustrating but try to be patient. You did the right thing by keeping these screen shots and documenting the situation. My advice would be to just hold on for a couple of days and you will get the assistance and support you need.

I agree with steveeyes though, if there is something else to the story. Be sure to tell CS the whole situation. Otherwise they will have to figure it out on their own which will on prolong the wait for you. Good luck!


Rule #1 when it comes to safety on Fiverr: Do not click suspicious links! Report the message and contact Customer Service first.

I’m sorry to hear that this has happened, but you will likely not get your money back. Set up a security question if you haven’t already. Safety first!


Reply to @inputproduction:


Reply to @inputproduction: There’s also an official fiverr bot that sends out automated messages that will never ask you to enter any of your details.


This thread is pinned to the top of the first page of the Tips for Sellers forum. Where anyone who is new or wants to keep up with what’s going on or is looking for tips for sellers can easily see it and READ IT before responding to phishing emails from “http://goo…”, as shown in the screen grab above (which is very obviously not a Fiverr address…why would anyone think the email is from Fiverr with a URL like that?).

paskuvan said: Im very very sad and disilucioned with the fiverr.
Why? Fiverr has put out warnings about just this thing in the forums, in the newsletters, on the Facebook page, on the Twitter feed, in the blog, and it's been discussed dozens of times by members in the forums. Is Fiverr supposed to force you to read one of these? How?

Scammers and hackers continually attempt to steal from members, and as fast as they are reported to CS, the accounts are deleted, and new ones come in. Fiverr is not a babysitter. Members have to be responsible, too.

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Hello all!

Now, my account is secure and recovered with the new password, Im responsible of this problem 'cause I didnt realize that the account wasnt fiverr official, I assumed my mistake and I couldnt get my 36 dollars, no matter the money, I really care about my account.

CS (Customer Support) helped me a lot, they changed me the new password and restore my account, now Im quiet.



Reply to @paskuvan: you should not have to be quiet about it. Unauthorized persons are withdrawing funds from others accounts with apparently no measure of security to prevent this occurring and fiverr is not returning the funds or giving any extra security. I never had a payoneer account yet someone entered my fiverr account from another country and made or had an existing payoneer and withdrew not once but twice before anything was noticed.