My account was hacked...!


My account was hacked and transferred my 60$. After that i inform fiverr customer support and i was surprised. Fiverr disabled my account and removed my level 1 and level 2 badge. But what was my fault here. Still my account is disable. I submit everything to fiverr but they didn’t enable my id. What can i do now…?


How in the world do you have two badges? For the money to be transferred the “hacker” must have had access to your email and also your security question. A simple hack can’t reveal that information.


i don’t know how… hacker didnot broke any of my password. just transfer my fund to my payoneer and after that my payoneer to his/her payoneer. But my question is when i inform fiverr about that why fiverr remove my 2 badges and disable me…?? was that my fault…?


This sounds really weird. CS needs to give you a reason why they disabled your account.


they didn’t show me any reason… Just asked my details like gov. id or passport, payoneer scan copy and everything . i sent everything before 7 days ago but still they didn’t response me. Their customer service is really very poor and they have no rules and security


Did you contact Payoneer CS?


yes… they also blocked my card and account… strange rules of fiverr and payoneer both… :frowning:


And I guess they didn’t give you a reason either, right? So weird :frowning:


yap. I think their though was as the account was hacked so there was a problem, better we blocked that id. If i didnot inform fiverr then i think my id will alive. I was level 2 seller with 110 review.