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My account was restricted and under review for almost a month now

Evening/morning/ afternoon fam.

Please as this happened to anyone here before, and please how did you go about it.

I was trying to create a new gig some three weeks ago and i received a message from fiverr that i was creating a service that is not allowed on fiverr. I was creating a flyer design gig but it seemed fiverr system saw it in a different way.

I sent them a message that i was trying to create a flyer gig and not a service that is against their TOS but they say i will have to wait till the review on the account is over and it is almost a month now.

A friend told me to forget about the account and create a new one that fiverr will end up disabling the account. He says it happened to his first fiverr account and he had to create a new one.

Please any advice.


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is that restriction for any new gig? or the only that one which you mentioned? how many gigs you already have. may be it is because you finished your gig limit as it is 7.

I tried to find you but you are right. your account is not active.
spend you little time on this following link and consult with some appropriate person who can reply you better.

If you do that, both of your accounts will be disabled.

You’re not allowed to have more than one account, and if your current account gets disabled, you’re not allowed to create a new one without permission from Customer Support. If you create it without permission, it will get banned.


I only had 4 gig and i was trying to create the fifth on when i was restricted.

But I found your seller account is not active and I can’t see any gig belongs to you. you can put your query on the mentioned link can find the bellow link from the link above, where you can put your query to relevant person. and wait for their reply.

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So sorry about your present state of things.

Reach out to support, hopefully you’ll get it resolved.

I wish you the very best.

If your account has been restricted then you should wait for the CS’s decision . Their trust and safety team is reviewing your account and it can take months… And do not create new account now…Wait for their final decision and if they disable your account and give your permission to create new account then you should create . Otherwise your new account will be disabled also …So it will be better to wait …