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My account was restricted due to verification

I spent 10 days trying to get a good smartphone with a high quality camera. I sent photos of my ID card and selfies of myself to Fiverr in the next 4 days. Yet my verification move was rejected due to “poor lightening”.

I have tried everything. Now the 14 day clock has elapsed and I can no longer use my account as a seller. My account has been restricted and all my gigs are denied. I can assure you that I have contacted CS and I am waiting for their response. It is widely believed that restricted accounts don’t come back, I do not know how true this is.

I just want to know, has anyone else had this problem and successfully gotten past it? Anyone with an experience?


Just because something is “widely believed to be true,” it doesn’t necessarily make it true. I am not sure if they have made any recent changes, but from what I understand, in case your ID verification fails, you can contact CS; they will help you out.

There have been a couple of posts on the forum where sellers have said that they have gotten their accounts back after contacting CS and doing whatever it is they told them to do. You can try searching the forum for these posts.

In case you get your account back, please do not forget to post your update as this is the ONLY way for other sellers (who are in the same boat as you) to know that it is possible to get their accounts back.

Good luck! :sunny:


What is ID verification and why have I never seen one of these? Will it come for me soon too?

It is something Fiverr is “slowly” rolling out to all Fiverr users. You will probably have to verify your ID sooner or later.

I mean, I’m still not using my real profile picture, and I will not use it. I preffer being completely incognito. I also noticed that no new sellers use logos for their profile pic.

You can check this out for more info:

It has nothing to do with your Fiverr profile picture. Your profile picture is in no way connected to the ID verification process. You are not going to fail the ID verification process just because you have a preying mantis or a Rubik’s cube as your Fiverr profile picture.

I was not asked to submit my current Fiverr profile picture for the ID verification. I had submitted an entirely different photo of mine.

When they ask you to verify your ID, you will be asked to upload a valid national/international ID and a photo of yours. A program will then check all pertinent info. in the two documents and then let you know the outcome of the verification process.


Well, that sucks. Did you contact them earlier on in the process or after the account was restricted?

Thanks for the info!

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I am going to wait for a feedback from them. I assure you that I will post any new development as soon as it occurs.

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This happened just a few hours ago. I contacted them once the assess to my account became became restricted.

This happened to me - it took 5 minutes to sort.

No biggie at all.

Joanne x

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Thank you for the help guys. I have my account back. All I had to do was contact CS. The agent reset the timer on my account and I was given an extra 14 days to upload my ID card in high resolution. My account was restored less than 30 minutes after I uploaded it.:grinning:


hello, my fiverr account has been restricted from me, please how am i going to reactivate it. [am a new seller]

Start your own topic if you must. This one doesn’t belong to you.

There’d no point in Fiverr restricting accounts if sellers could reactivate it. And we can’t provide insight without any details on your situation, anyway.

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Only my 4th photo attempt was succesfull. Normal cheap phone will do.

Great news to hear that your problem was solved! I guess a scanned ID file could be a solution if one’s phone does not provide a good camera.

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So this happend to me recently and is very frustrating ngl. Once it said that my ID can’t be verified I immediately contacted CS to help me. And after atleast 10 hours or so they contacted me and gave me a added one more chance to verify it. After 5 mins of submitting my account was restored and now I can sell again.

Some notes on the pictures.
No shadow and especially no glare. Most passports have this type of paper that has holographic stuff like in paper bills. Just find an angle and light source that wont affect the quality and clarity of your picture.

Hope this helps!