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My account was suspended few days ago


Hi there, Hope you all people doing well. I was working on fiverr since June 2018 and it was good. Everything was fine and I was really working hard my gigs are top rated in there search engines.
I was earning very well. So one day a buyer came to me and I know that i already warned 2 time from fiverr for sharing contact information. I know it was illegal but i don’t know about the policies. Anyway to be honest , when the buyer as me to contact outside the fiverr I have a person that is not much aware but i was on holidays and he is managing the account and orders. So, he gave the contact information. When i back to be honest I reported that user and after reporting, because the guy also shared the information, the fiverr team got also my text and highlighted as i have shared info… I dont know it was encoded (lik abc$abc(the contact info)). So they suspended my everything. No i emailed them they always says that they are find the solution and after any resolution they will inform me. I have many buyers so i need to talk and update them on time. So, im worries what to do? I’m honestly able to give all my info and other things all stuff but i want to be fixed this problem. Its my mistake that i provided my account to handle it to someone else, its not his mistake but, i apologize for this please so there is any way that they can help me?
username: signofsolutions


In this case no one can help you here . We all are seller with some buyers.

You haven’t shared contact details ,from your account the details has been shared .Fiverr hasn’t suspended you it has suspended that account …Suppose it has suspended that person who was handling that.Fiverr will not check that who is working on that account your or someone . That is your responsibility to take care of the account…

You can contact the support


You’ll have to wait for their decision, then.

Since you already had 2 warnings in the past, it’s possible that your account will be permanently banned.


Why didn’t you learn not to do that after two warnings? Doesn’t that seem a little bit strange to you? How many warnings would a person need?

I’ve had maybe three people ask to share contact information in the entire six years I’ve been here and you have three in a short time? I’m amazed.


Never , under no circumstances accept to communicate outside Fiverr , deliver on time , deliver what you advertise and always be polite … There are a few rules that you need to follow , it’s not that hard .


if you knew it was illegal, then you know the policies.


Maybe everyone always ignores all rules where he lives.