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My account was temporarily disabled

My Seller account was disabled since march this year, ever since then I have done everything possible to recover the account but I cant. Please i need help with this, thank you.


If it has been disabled since march, you ain’t getting it back. Why was it disabled?

I had issues with identity verification, after a delayed response to one of my customers then. She filled a dispute and i didnt respond on time.

An account is disabled after 3 strikes, usually. Failing to respond to a client does not lead to an account suspension, only a hit to stats.

If Fiverr asks for identity verification and you don’t do it, then the account can be removed, regardless of any strikes or disputes, it has nothing to do with it. If you failed to verify when asked, you will not get the account back.

Okay, i tried to verify my identity then but later got a response that it wasn’t successful.

But the account is still active but with a flag that disallows me from sending messages or eve responding to buyers requests.