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My acct was hacked beware of diverts security!

My acct was hacked! Don’t use this site horrible site. Tried calling them but theirs no one to call to help with issue. Will never use or promote this site again! Worse site ever

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If you need to contact Fiverr about your account you could contact them at:
or at

Also it’s probably worth running a virus checker if you think your account has been hacked, eg. to check for keyloggers etc.

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It might be hacked due to your own mistakes. You would have downloaded some files from unsafe sites or you signed in your account on other’s device.
There might be spyware in your computer or laptop which collects all the data typed in by the keyboard if you are not using virtual keyboard.
You might have opened insecure links from unknown sources and given all you information there.
You would have saved the password in other device and forgot to sign out from it.