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My Accunt hacked but now recover .. i want reset my all thing

My account was hacked now i recovered anyone know to reset my all thing like mobile email secuerty … hacker will add there information like mobile how to remove there info… like mobile email … please help … ill send mail to fiverr maybe it will tack time… i dont want to give chance hacker to atack on my id second time becose they add his passwrod mobile and email Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome

To change all of that, click on the profile avatar (top right) and then choose settings.

Changing your password should be sufficient - I believe there’s a whole lot of grief involved in changing your phone number …

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i try this but when i add my new password for saving fiverr ask about code numbber which is fiverr send on hacker mobile number

In that case, you’ll need to contact customer support and ask for their help

yes ill try but they wil tack time and hacker have all athurision to change it im scare if they change it it more truble for me

So … best hurry then …

you right best way to wait for fiverr response … i have my all work which i done on fiverr with origanl file … last 4 month … hope fiverr help me… in this case… hacker withdraw 700$ from my account nim not worry about Money jsut save my account that is first priority

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