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My acknowledgement

This is a promotional event.
Hope you like my poem writing. So you can order from me. Hehe.

I be

How blitz incure i concur the pain put inside
In the name of fame, do you lay the same, and act insane
Robust economy of love, well established between the twain
And when its rain, its game
How a might differentiate
And the lest of just in case it hurts is put aside the name
But do you grow more tainted the days that came
In best form and shape, you called me a donkey for the shame
Born a torso, since you came, i formulated limbs and a brain, and ive become a human who walked though
Talked to the tongue, both agree, and stipulated a word for :
Space, time, width, breadth; and what came forth; a rise to my sane with humble drainage of an altered ego, which goes as strong as though youve been hit with a - storm - sore
Lest you come again, and against the harsh tidy winds i go, ill let you flow through my mind at ease with an end of a crush to tear me apart, torn to the toe that cant walk though
And the poetry to justify, remains in the heart, and in the life you see, a flame to be taken with pride, in passion, free, and cropped to sides, growing inside, a beast to be leashed, in the face of your hunger of love for me, to the beast unleashed, and of your hope, i be