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My Activity Button?

How can I follow my posts here in the forum?
Not able to find any forum preferences, settings or even " My Activity"

Please advise

I know. It seems there is no “FOLLOW” feature any longer. So how are we supposed to actually have a “discussion” with anyone if we can’t find out way back to posts we have commented on.

It was mentioned in the announcement topic that this is still being worked on. While waiting those of us who use chrome browser can use page monitor extension. This won’t help with old topics you were following unless you google them and set them to be monitored but al least you can with ease follow any new discussions you participate in.

I don’t use chrome so I guess I won’t be using the forums for awhile.

I missed the note where they said this was still being worked on.

The problem with googling conversations is that I hardly ever remember what the title of the thread was :slight_smile:

If your browser does not have a similar extension or add-on there are some browser independent sites that can be used to track changes on a specified page haven’t tried them though so couldn’t recommend a good one.

I dont remember titles either but i just did a narrowed down google site search for topics where my name was used