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My adorable salad/Share a photo


Yay it’s sharing photos time! Topic: Anything you photographed that you like for whatever reason.
I’ll start in the first comment.
(I swear I did NOT photoshop).

May :penguin:


I wanted to make a salad but could not bring myself to cut the tomato man with a nose. And I only discovered that the cucumber had a bunch of faces after I cut it. :confused:

So I ended up just eating cucumber faces with salt. But only after taking these photos.

But why are they soooooooo surprised?


A seedless cucumber? Or maybe they don’t show in the picture.


Israeli cucumbers don’t have seeds.


I love it!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:




At this moment I couldn’t “face” a salad! :slight_smile:


Took this one at my grandma 's village. Just some kids feeding goats.

I took this one while sitting beside a truck driver. Well can you guess the age of driver? Hint :- See in mirror.


@deivys20071 Oh my!
Hmm If only cucumbers grew that way (also with onion hair)—then you could just add salt and olive oil and have instant salad bites!


I love a cucumber and tomato salad with some red wine vinegar.


Those cucumbers look really scared :frowning: The tomato looks like a butt with a tail to me haha :peach:


One of my favorites is a salad with cucumber, tomatoes, onion (usually green onion), splashed with apple cider vinegar.
Goes well with an egg and some goat cheese :upside_down:


One of them looks angry.