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My Aim to become a top rated seller very soon

Hy !

I am new on fiverr but i am professional graphic designer

My Aim is to become a top rated seller and i hope that i will become very soon a top rated seller

Because i know fiverr cooperate those who are professional in their works…

If we do our work with fully interest then one day we will succeed

Good luck with your goal. However, please be aware that the only Fiverr levels that you can obtain on your own are Level 1 and Level 2. Top Rated Seller is only given to sellers, by Fiverr directly… if they think you qualify for that level.

If you are even slightly serious, the first thing you’ll need to do is get rid of the stolen images. The profile photo is stock and the first image I just glanced at in your gig appears to be a slightly altered image that was taken from online. Top Rated Sellers don’t use that sort of nonsense.

Fonthaunt went in hard!

Goodluck to you my dear, you imagined it, you can achieve it.

Reply to @jonbaas: I hope that i will qualify for top rated seller…
Is there not any criteria for top rated rank??

Reply to @fonthaunt: Not dear This pic is not copyrighted…
This is totally Original pic that i made my self…
There is only one thing that is the logo of fiverr that is copyrighted…
But i think logo should not be change because logo is the symbol of any company or any site… So this should remain Original that’s why i take this logo from internet

Reply to @imagiwildinc: Thanks Dear
What a great feelings i create when i imagine that Its really great…
Thanks a lot dear