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My all 6 gigs showing on last page i am level 2 seller

Hi fiverr community,

I am level 2 seller. suddenly when i try to search my gig as buyer all my gigs showing on No: 9 page what happen with my gig anyone face this type issue please suggest.


Wow. I thought i am the only.

My gig also appearing on the last page.

I have 20k+ impressions on my gig.

Suddenly since last 10 hours my gig was vanished.

I thought its temporary. Then 1 hour back i started finding it and found it very weird that its appearing on the last page of the search results.

So its some tech issue.

I am going to contact cs and will show them this thread too.


I also thought i am only :grinning::grin:
Please inform me if you have any update on this wired issue


Same issue with me.

Fiverr is only search engine.


First of all, this is not an issue. And why this is happening is mentioned below.


Lol many are in queue. i found another users gig on the last page whp has done 1k or 3k orders and have 80 orders in queue. could be some glitch in their system


oh u too in queue. report to customer servuce much better and show them this thread


paaki yes there is a issue with their search . infact users who are top rated sometimes their gig disappear. i didnt even edited my gig my gig disappeared. today i found there are 2000 gigs in results and its on last page :stuck_out_tongue: i have more than 18k+impressioms and thousands of clicks every month. this is some weird.

i faced this exact issue 2 weeks back but after 2 days gig came back to normal. its not only me or this thread owner. but many other top rated gigs disappeared today and their gigs are also appearing with my gigs on the last page. i am now 100% sure this is technical issue.

Because if one person face issue then may be his fault if many facing same issue then its some other issue whicj needs to be reported. to support


Okay, tell CS and let us know what respond you received.


Everyone in this post please create a ticket to cs.

Tell them exact same thing that ur gigs are appearing on last page of search results since yesterday. this issue started around 4PM india time also give them anyone gig of urs or all. tell them also where it used to appear and on what page. now its on last page.

also give them this thread link and tell them other sellers are also facing the same issue and fix this issue asap

then they will be able to fix this asap. else they will never listen.

i am creating one right away


Veere. I am going to do the same will mention this thread too. Because its not a coincidence that not one but more than 1 seller is facing the same issue.


i to submitted ticket


my username is @iamsachmusic. I am not your brother.


I have more proof infact my buyers are telling me same thing. My gig appears in top 10 gigs in search results and vanished lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are right, Fiverr is the only source of answers where site functionality issues are concerned. However, please keep in mind that Fiverr does not manipulate the search results in favor of anyone who wants a better ranking (or wants a ranking back that was somehow “lost”). The system does not guarantee anyone top visibility.

There are many factors that determine search result rankings, but there are no guarantees that you will always meet each of those factors. Search results fluctuate constantly, and sometimes with no perceivable logic. Fiverr may be able to provide you some insight into things, but it would be unwise to expect any special treatment as far as the rankings are concerned.

I would certainly enjoy hearing news of Fiverr’s response in this matter, and I hope you can find a path moving forward, but I won’t hold my breath. Good luck.


Sorry for barging in. Just out of curiosity, I thought Fiverr has always been random with its algorithm in managing the orders (position) of sellers on the pages? So any fluctuations should be, normal?


Well, to us the search results may seem random, but there is an internal calculation to how the algorithm ranks the search results – we, sellers, just don’t know what that calculation is, nor are we likely to ever know since it is internal to Fiverr alone.

Fluctuations are indeed normal.


everyone is right. but i have 6 gigs and they all showing on last page it is really not good if 1 or 2 gig facing this issue i can ignore but i am shock about my all gigs showing on last page.
please reply if anyone have answer


Someone has to be last.

There are many factors involved with your ranking and a low ranking for your search query or filter doesn’t at all mean that you are less likely to get sales. Remember that a lot of buyers probably enter search queries to find what they want.


@humanissocial is right, My sales not affected when my gig position changed from first page to 7th page for around two weeks, Sales volume was almost same for this period. Now it’s on third page and getting same amount of orders.
Though sales volume keep fluctuate no matter what gig position is.