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My all 6 gigs showing on last page i am level 2 seller

Level not matter at all everything now depend on performance.

  1. Response Quickly to clients
  2. Deliver all orders on time
  3. avoid order cancellation and late delivery.

This info i received from fiverr some days ago!

But how can we get new orders and update our performance its still mysteries from fiverr :frowning:


See I know you guys will judge me on this but I am done with all this wait, fiverr is my full time and i found a way which is better than waiting :slight_smile:

What have you found please?

My gigs are on the bottom as well still after a couple of months. And one gig has been there for over a year, despite having good stats.


Hello. I am a level 2 seller, more than 2 years of work for Fiverr, more than 2000 completed orders, all indicators are on a green level. Recently, I discovered that all my gigs just fell into the last positions in the search.

At the same time there was a positive dynamic, good reviews, I am one of the best sellers in my niche.

What Fiverr does, they just kill me. I understand if my concerts lose their positions organically. But how to explain that I am now behind all gigs.

Today, on March 20, I woke up and I was very upset, my blood pressure increased. They kill us.

The new search system does not reflect the real situation. It is inadequate.

For 2 years they only harm the environment. This may lead many sellers to leave.

I want to say that we need to be united.

This is real trouble! In the Fiver team, they don’t understand?


I create petition


I also want to know…

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I have a same problem and get penalized my all gigs, and thrown all gigs to last pages, and i’m hopeless that will rise again. I was on top page in logo design. ahh wht to do?


Please do not mislead people. You have quite a few bad reviews just in the last couple of days so not all your stats are great, and if you are not talking about your bad reviews god knows what else you might be not mentioning.

If you are so upset with fiverr that it even affects your health then you should find better way to make money like @thelvm did.


Every seller have negative review, what is that point, could not pleased everybody. Its not the fact.

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It’s not officially confirmed, but it seems that after getting a specific number of poor performance signs (late delivery, bad review or cancellation) your gigs are moved to the end of the list to avoid an avalanche.
There’s no other solution than to restore your performance and work hard.
Several users returned to the front in a while, so don’t lose your hope.


Anyone here got back to their position just curious to know if things are happening ?

I got all my stats green 10 days ago,

Response Rate 94%

Delivered on Time 94%

Order Completion 98%

Rating 4.9

But maybe because im a no level seller, im still on the last page. (1949 Orders Completed)


Same case with me got all my stats to green back like 6 days ago

96%, 96% ,100%

5 star rating

but I guess level doesn’t matter :frowning:

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Don’t be sad, things will get better. :slight_smile:


I am not sad and i don’t wait sky is the limit for those who have skills fiverr is not my last resort :slight_smile:


If you are wondering, level doesn’t matter in this case. The gigs are listing according to the “recent activity” as CS said. So if the seller can improve their performance personally, I think the gig will list in first few pages.( Que, less cancellation rate, no late delivery, quick completion and 5 stars)


They always give controversial answers.
For example, I have green stats and 96% of “on-time” delivery (all other indicators are 100%).
My last late order was on February 25th and I returned my Level 1 two weeks ago.
However, my gigs are still on the last page.

I’m lucky enough to work with my previous customers (I have a lot of them since 2014), but I can’t imagine how people can restore their performance without having access to new buyers.

I’m afraid that there are several new indicators, which are used for positioning.


TBH as far i as I know they are doing it manually !!

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Today I asked CS about my current state, and was told the following:

We understand your concern, and to answer your question, your ranking can indeed continue to improve so your Gig’s placement can change.

However, this is not something we can alter or modify. Your ranking is based on your performance and as you continue doing your best, it is bound to improve in time.

As I understand, there are 2 critical points now. The first one is the lowest one. When you reach it, your gigs are sent to the end. You need to restore all indicators to get back, and it will be the second point.

I also think that there’s a time gap between the moment of reaching such point and moving your gigs in order to avoid users exploiting it.

What I really liked is the fact that I get answers from real people.