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My all 6 gigs showing on last page i am level 2 seller

I understand your point on reviews, but I’ve seen several threads where sellers were warned just for asking (for simple reminders) because warning system is semiautomatic now.
From what I’ve learned here, even 2-3 cancellations in 60 days are enough to throw gigs to the last pages, and it’s impossible to understand how it works.
One clear thing is that this kind of indexing happens on Monday at 12:00 (at least for my gigs) and it doesn’t update in real time.
In one of replies, CS mentioned that they don’t want to see gigs, which are “not active”, so out of the office mode could be the reason too.

I really hope you are going to recover your positions very soon.

Getting results from Facebook ads is very strategic. I suspect yours weren’t targeted properly.

It’s best to not use ads unless you have experience in that kind of strategic/analytical work. It’s very difficult for even highly skilled people in that industry to get right. That’s why people who work in advertising tend to make very good money. So buying ads is pretty much a waste of money unless you’re super skilled and accomplished in that area.


That’s not possible cancellations are part of the marketplace i just cancelled a few orders, but I am still at the top the main reason is unnecessary cancellations and if any buyer secretly reports against you or you break a TOS for me it was TOS and unnecessary huge cancellations not 2-3 because sometimes its buyers fault as well.

p.s I agree fiverr doesn’t like cancellation at all.

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That is possible. One of the sellers above faced it after cancelling 3 orders at once.
Don’t forget that ranking is not updated in real time, but once a week, and you never know when it’s going to fall.
Furthermore, there might be different criteria for different users.
My opinion is that cancellations should be avoided at any cost.

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finally it happened my gig got back on the first page 3 days back
but today it went back to the second last page
there was no cancellation
got many new orders in past 2 days even complete many successfully with 5 star rating
responding to all the conversations in time
delivering before 12 hr deadline

what could be the reason? anyone?
please suggest

It may be the “60 days window”.
Old orders are getting out of it and your ratings may go down.
What are your current stats?

all things are 100%
also i’ve completed more orders in recent few days than the past few

i cannot thing of any reason why my gig went down again
i’m completing new orders and getting new one’s as well
responding to people in time, getting 5 star ratings
what could be the reason fiverr thorwing me back in the hell after being punished for 60 days already?

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I can’t answer this question.
All I know it’s performance related. And only Fiverr knows how it works. Some people are not punished for dozens of cancellations, while others are thrown back for using the out of the office mode.
Try to analyze what could lead to this.
I also recommend you to wait until the evening because gigs were updated on Monday in my case and in case of several other users (it happened at around 15:00 GMT+3).

Gig ranking is not permanent and changing all the time. Fiverr didn’t promise to keep you on the first page all the time. Also bare in mind that you might see on the second page but other people might see it on the first.

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thanks for the info, fiverr also went down for maintenance for few minutes yesterday
after that i guess the gig ranking changed.

but i couldn’t find any reason why my gig went down
there was nothing wrong

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i know that i cannot keep my place on first page permanently
but as per the discussion here so far gig ranking depends on user performance
and i’ve been performing at best
getting multiple orders in a day
getting multiple order completed with 5 star rating
responding to people in time
delivering the orders in time

there should be some reason for such huge change in gig position


As I mentioned before: rankings are not permanent and algorithm is more complex than that. Fiverr support is telling that it’s based on your performance, we also know they are giving a boost for new comers to be on the first page for some time etc. There are a lot of factors that they would never share with us so people wouldn’t be able to manipulate the system.

Instead of checking every day on which page is your gig you’d better invest that time with a better value for yourself.


i think i was in the same pot, lol because i am raised again, while I was on the last place of the pages till two days ago!

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Many best sellers facing same issue.

Also facing same issue since 23 April

even me from 12th of april

My gig also went down after getting level one but after 1 five star rating it is improving again.