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My all 6 gigs showing on last page i am level 2 seller


this gave me hope lol


I checked it practically several times … When I receive the 6th or 12th order, they disappear from the search. I’ve just delivered the 6th order, and gig appeared in 15 minutes.

Congratulations!! Have you noticed any specific moment when it happened?
You got some really good news :blush:.


Thank you very much! From what I’ve seen, your gig is checked weekly. For example, my gig was moved on a Tuesday first time. Then the next Tuesday, it was moved back, but since I was on the edge with the stats, the next day, Wednesday, got moved to the last page for the 2nd time. 2 weeks passed and it got moved yesterday, on a Wednesday to the 2nd page. (It used to be on the first one, but I’m fine with it, at least I get some exposure)


I have this problem also with 600 finished orders and 5 star rate


The “Best selling” sorting option is very odd indeed. When I use that, 2 first rows of gigs are full of gigs with only a couple ratings total, and at most a hundred or two. And after those come gigs with tens of thousands of reviews. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hitting F5 or even checking when not logged in on a different computer has no difference. Gigs change their placement, but it’s still the same 2 first rows of worst selling gigs, with only one or two best selling gigs.

So it’s very much false advertising. Clearly affected by seller performance, how many cancellations etc. that decide the placement, and not how best selling they are.


Guys did anyone jumped back to their original position or somewhere near ?


no friend! we are still stuck on last page bad luck for us.


i am web developer totally not know how can i improve my stats without getting new orders i asked my some previous clients to give me orders almost 20+ projects they gave me. but i can’t see any single move on my gigs…
Without getting orders is we are waiting any magic for jumping gigs back to search position


Let me tell you what’s wrong with your account you have completed so many orders right ? So many reviews right ? Then why are you not level 1 ?? Either you deliver late or you have violated the TOS the same case is with me friend don’t worry just reach level 1 and everything will be perfect :slight_smile:


In January i am on level 2 seller and after that i not get enough orders so day by day my order completion down and down unless now its on 81% i didn’t get cancel any order. But if we not get any new order order completion score go to down. So this happened with me and unfortunately now i have NO LEVEL…
But let me clear something with you when i am on LEVEL 2 (after this problem) i am on last page when i am on LEVEL 1 i am on last page and Now when i have NO LEVEL but i am still badly stuck on last page. So level is not matter at all!


Your demotion and positioning are the results of bad perfromance.
I work mostly with my previous customers since January, and I don’t complain because it’s my fault.
If you have 81% of order completion, I’m sure you had several cancellations within the last 60 days.
It always goes down because the number of completed orders decreases (only last 60 days are taken into account), while the number of cancellations remains the same.
If you have 9 completed orders and 1 cancellation, it will be 90%.
If you have 4 completed orders and 1 cancellation, it will be 80%.


Yes i cancelled some orders because 2-3 new clients placed order and than not respond they started order time with dummy images. So i was cancelled them because fiverr not give us a option how to handle new buyers who not know anything and hurt our business!.

But its not my fault nobody wants to cancel order if he have every required things to start order. But when we will back to search i think now 60+ days gone and we are on last page…


I understand brother I am going through the same just be strong and work hard get that level back you will definitely see improvement.


Checked today and I’m back to page 1 on 6th row but it was on 1st or 2nd row before.


wow. So happy for you


May I ask if all of your stats are green sir ?


No, they are not and even I got demoted few days ago because of 88% of order completion rate.
Hoping your gigs will be back soon.


If it’s not a secret, how many cancellations did you have?
Just trying to understand how it works.
I was promoted to Level 1, but nothing changed for gig positioning.


Don’t know what’s happening, it is contentiously gigs are changing position from 1st page to last and last to 1st. :thinking:


I had 3 cancellations (total in profile which was in last month) due to busy schedule but got some orders from my repeated clients and it’s back on 88%.