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My all funds got stuck :(


Anybody who faced same error here? My all funds has been hold by Fiverr. I submitted many tickets but they are not taking action, now it is one and half of the month. I’m unable to make any order. My account ratings going to down.

Submitting many tickets only leads to getting blocked for spam, because it slows things down for everyone.

I can see all of my pending Clearance balance

But my clearance period has bee completed. Since I didn’t get revenue in my account.

I’ve not seen or heard of this before, but bizarre things happen. Must be a bug! I’m wondering, though, how has this been on since about February? When did you submit the first ticket?

Still, as @catwriter mentioned, sending too many tickets at once will have a counter-productive effect. A ticket submitted with CS might have a response time of anywhere from 24 - 48hours (72?). Wait till that time elapses and update the ticket to bump it back into the queue.

EDIT: Thanks, @catwriter.

Actually, don’t open another ticket on the same topic. Update the old one, and ask for help again.


This sounds like an error in the system.

Never make more than one ticket. They don’t reply if you do that.

You can try sending this message on fiverr’s facebook page but just enter one message about it.