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My all gig has gone to the last page

My gig was in first place on the first page, but today all my gigs have gone to the last page. I’m very worried about this. What do i have to do?

I have delivered and successfully completed a lot of orders but I don,t know why my gigs are still on the last page… Please help me to move my gig forward to the first page.

Also, check my gig: if there is any problem please let me know…

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You don’t have to do anything. Gigs rotate in search all the time - no one stays on the first page forever.


thank for your advice, but my all gig gone the last page. and my best selling 300+ review gig gone the last page.

It’s on the first page, category Best Selling, fourth row.
You have 17 orders in queue globally, last delivery 18 minutes ago.

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when have you noticed that your gig gone to the last page?

Why on earth would anyone be worried with that many orders in queue? This just seems silly now.

I have also verified how the last page looks like. The last page of the Social Media Design category (filtered by Recommended) is the n°284.
In the process I have noticed something interesting: from a certain point onwards Fiverr starts displaying the same Gigs over and over, just in a different order on the page. This means that there are not 284 pages of unique results.

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Your Gig will Clock Back Dont Worry !

Don’t need to do something on it. It will be ok after some days. :slight_smile: