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My All Gig is not showing up in Fiverr Search Engine

Hi Everyone.
I am a level 2 seller and working on Fiverr from past 2year. About 34 days ago I violated one of Fiverr TOS(Empty Order). [It’s a long story that why I delivered the empty order and seller complaint].
I used to get 4-6 orders on a daily basis. 5k+ Impression and monthly $9K income, But after that Fiverr Seller Support warning all gig analytics(impression,click, view) goes down drastically, my all gigs were not showing in search and I am not getting any order from past 34 days. I have also tried to update my gigs description and contact Fiverr Support team but it’s 30 days there is no response from CS :cry:
Guys, can you please guide me what should I do Now? Should I need to wait? Have you experienced the same issue?
Please I need your guidance to restore my account to normal position.



I understand your frustration but when it’s comes to gig ranking and stuff its clearly on hands of Fiverr algorithm,make sure that you are sending buyer request each and every day that way fiverr algorithm will recognize that you are a active seller and reviews also plays a great role there are so many factors when it’s comes to this situation.

Most of the gig statistics use a 60 day average. Have you read this yet?

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