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My all gig removed from search result

i have total 9 gigs and 3 gig rank on the first page so far and one gig was ranked on 3 keywords but i don’t know why my all gig removed from the search result in its too strange for me even my all gigs active.

currently, i am level 1 seller and only $50 order remaining in $2000 complete and one order cancel. i have dought on order cancel. please need your help i am depressed how i am secure on Fiverr my all livings depend on Fiverr if they remove my gig on search result i have good ratings with good feedback

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@expert_dropship Are you change / edit your gig recently!?

See this topic: Fiverr myths debunked

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I don’t think that its happen for order cancel. Because I got 7 order cancel and 1 bad review. But still I get 1-2 buyer knocks everyday and get order regularly

I have edit 1 gig not all, but why my all gig removed i dont understand this

Am also facing the same problem, Cant find my gig on the search page. And the gig is active .

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Yes, same problem with me. My 3 gigs in first page. Now all gigs disappeared in search results. Not showing on any page

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@expert_dropship Same problem face many seller due to
1.edit gig
2.inactive account
i asked them they having mainly 2 problem!

Anyone with a solution or way out to this?

Refer to this @fastest_writer2
Short answer: No.
Long answer: Patience.

Sir i did not edit all gigs i edit only price of one gig but why removed all gig?
i am active 24/7 when i go to sleep i put my mobile on screen of fiverr
as you said 2 reason which i didn’t

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@expert_dropship I alraedy mention this any type of editing gigs rank falls down during updating.

@expert_dropship Hi. .Its Glad to See that your all Gigs are again in ranking. . Can you explain how your gigs are again ranking? and how much time it takes to back again in Ranking?

Looking forward for your response.