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My all gigs are failed to pass fiverr review

Hay There ,
I am new on fiverr as a seller.
I think i have enough idea on photoshop work.
My all gigs removed from fiverr.
After romove; Fiverr sent me a notification, which is"
This Gig has faild to pass our review" but i dont copy other gigs informations or anything.

Can Anyone give me a solution for this problem??


first thing first there is fiverr guide which you can follow while making gig. They always suggest what are best practices while making gigs. Secondly i have seen such issue due to sample that you upload @ gallery section. Fiverr reviews your gallery content and if not found related to the gig then they won’t accept. so if that is the problem try adding video sample related to the gig. (you can add your previous work samples too but must mention that these are my work samples)

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