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My all gigs are sent to last pages last month and still there after a month

Hi, all my gigs have been sent to the last page and it has been 1 month and gigs are still there. I have completed 5 orders after that and changed a lot of things in my gigs, like tags and description. No improvement. I am on the last page right now that is why not getting any order and without order how to perform. Plz suggest what should I do?

M happy to see your ambition and patience… but here according to my experience it doesn’t matter. As due to millions of users of fiverr, everyone needs orders. So what you think how will be possible? if a person is top rated and his gigs will remain at top, then all the buyers will buy him and others will not get more orders. so i think their is an algorithm by fiverr which helps all the sellers to raise their gigs up and down every week. so don’t worry. and whenever you make changes to gigs, it take some time to be well back again. so keep focusing your gig statistics just and change and wait then.
like my gigs raise on every Monday and Tuesday and i get customers on that day. and rest of will be not like that.
Also one more thing, it depends on what buyers are searching. so try to use those keywords as tags etc to take your gig at first page. because if you search exactly with your title you will get your gig at first page but it doesn’t mean your gig is at top. Complete your profile, complete your gigs and join forum, do buyer requests,avoid cancelations and maintain response time, your account will be back again and then you will get orders regularly.


The idea is great.
Love it…thanks for sharing such valuable information.

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Hi, Thanks for your attention. I do not have any cancellation till now and on time delivery, response time everything is good. I am just promoting my gigs on various platforms. Anyway your words just gave me lots of motivation to keep trying again and again. Thanks again.

Its been more than two months and my gig is still on the last page, My hope is dying.

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