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My all gigs deranked just in one day. I am level 2 seller and do not know why happen this?

I am a level 2 seller at Fiverr. Everything was going smoothly but suddenly yesterday I receive notification that some of your gigs no more promoted. After checking I come to know that it is not only no more my gig is promoted, also my all the gigs deranked and impressions fall below 50 from 1000 for all gigs.

We put all efforts to improve the profile and suddenly without any reason, it deranked. It is only my source of income and I am afraid no more I have business on Fiverr. What I should do?


I am also facing similar issue

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Did you find any any clue to why its happened ?

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I message CS but they are just giving same advice to change gig title and tags

I am also new this problems

CS replied everything is fine with my gigs but why my impressions of ALL GIGS falls from 1000 daily to only 30, 35? Even they are not ready to refresh my gigs. Please anyone know the solution.

I think it’s related to the promoted gigs feature. I too saw a huge impressions drop after my gigs were suddenly not eligible to be promoted. And then a couple of weeks later they were eligible again, and impressions jumped up like crazy. And promoted gigs page said only about 30 impressions, while I got thousands of them from just regular viewing.

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How many gig have your account now?

try to create some new gig

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It does not happen without any reason. Did you have any Recent Cancellations? or bad Reviews?

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It’s been 6 to 7 Months I am working on Fiverr I faced this issue only 1 time when I had 1 Cancellation and after that I worked really Hard and my all the Stats are completely 100 Percent I have Completed 150 Projects and only 1 Cancelled and two 4 Stars only. My all the Gigs are Ranking on first Page on my Main Keywords. So I think it’s all about the Performance of your Gigs. I usually Respond to my clients in just 2 to 3 Minutes or even in 1 Minute lol.

if i not promote my gigs . my gigs impression and clicks goes down?

Do you have that Promoted Gigs Feature? Or your Gigs are Ranking?

yes i have promoted gig feature and i am level 2 seller

Then go ahead use that feature of course it will bring up the Impressions and Orders too!

how to use does it cost money?

Give it a try. If your bid is high enough, at least you’re guaranteed to get paid impressions. But if it’s like I’m guessing/hoping, you’ll also get more normal impressions.

Are you really a Level 2 Seller? Click on Promoted Gigs, There you can see everything about it.

yes I am
OK thank you for your help .

Pause all your gig for few hours. Than active again try to do this when your gig will be losing impression

Did they really become eligible for promotion again? I think mine will never be after they stopped being eligible.