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My all gigs deranked just in one day. I am level 2 seller and do not know why happen this?

Many other sellers are facing this EXACT same problem following the ineligible promoted gigs notice.

The last guy I saw that posted about this got his ranking back after two months of this happening though so there is still hope.

Stay strong :slight_smile:


Okay so upon review your Gig is live and active in the search (please check the screenshot), you can see it here:

While I understand your concern, this is simply how it works. One day you might be on top, the next not. The marketplace is dynamic and ever-changing, the algorithm takes a lot into consideration. Just to be clear, while I wish I could give your Gig a “good” ranking, this is not something that can manually be done.
All I can suggest you do to help your Gigs placement is:

Advertise outside of Fiverr, on places such as Linkedin, Facebook groups for job hunting, Instagram, Twitter, and even Reddit. Putting yourself out there will drive impressions and clicks to your Gig page.

Take a Fiverr Learn course, or Joining Fiverr Pro How to Successfully Apply to Become a Fiverr Pro

Additionally, the Fiverr Forum has a lot of great resources:

The marketplace is competitive, there are 1000’s of sellers with similar services and therefore the marketplace will always be in shift. You need to stand out, to increase your ranking and position you have to keep your Gig looking fresh.

Kind regards

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Yeah. I think you need a specific amount of orders per week or better performance until they are eligible.

When I was invited in promoted gigs I had no orders at all.

Orders are not guaranteed from that. Impressions only, and clicks are likely too if your thumbnail and title are interesting. But if you don’t see impressions, then you should check that the bid is good enough.

No, I mean I had no orders at all in the last weeks before I was chosen for promoted gigs. This wasn’t a factor to be chosen for this feature. My performance was exactly the same like it always is. I just woke up one day and got the notification that I was invited to promoted gigs.