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My all gigs disappear from fiverr search from last 4 day's

Hii guys

It’s 5th day now and all my fiverr gigs disappear from fiverr search. I am new seller and i completed 400$. I didn’t received any warning or violation from fiverr. I have overall good ratings.

From last 4 day’s my all gigs disappear from fiverr search. I was receiving 10-15 inquiries daily but now i didn’t receive even 1 inquiry daily. I contact customer care, they are not replying. Can you guys help me to solve?



We have no control over your gigs, nor can we solve whatever the algorithm registers for your gigs. The search results are performance-based. If you want to improve your chances of “ranking” well in the search results, then you are going to have to complete more orders that result in positive reviews (among other things).


Sir, in my 1 gig i have 24+ reviews and all 5star reviews, but still i was not even after 5 page on fiverr, all non rating gigs and other users gig are appear there but my gig is not showng anywhere. What can do seller in this case? This happen in last 3-4 day’s. Before that all was working fine.

You cannot control where your gig shows up in the search results. Your gig will appear, where it appears, and according to the many facets of the search algorithm.

Be a better seller, have better performing gigs than your competitors, and your gigs might show up higher in the search results.


How to be better seller when someone have more than 650 reviews and only 3 to 5 reviews or even without rating gigs on first page and with over 500 reviews gig on last page.
Next reply will be Fiverr is giving chance to other seller

Yes, i feel now, only depend on single freelancing platform is not a good. Because my earning is now 0 from last 4 days even i have no negative ratings, but still my any gigs are not appear anywhere. And 0 impression from last 4 days, not a single inquiry i received.

@yash5082 am also facing same problem. i try hard get back. sharing my gig using social media etc. also i use some guys doing marketing here. but still not happen that. ??

Yes sir, not only us, many are facing problems. because non rated users are on first page and high ratings gigs are not showing.

You can send request in buyer request. Gig rankings depend on fiverr algorithms.