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My all gigs going to last page automatically

can any body / moderator help me my all gigs going first page to jump last page automatically with out any issue please guide me what can i fix it this issue

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This has been a very frequently asked question of late. Have a look at this thread. :arrow_down: It might be of help:


No one in here will help you with ranking, this is a forum with most sellers and few buyers and no customer support!


The Fiverr search results are based upon gig performance. If your gig(s) are falling to the last page of search results, then your performance has fallen, and you need to work harder to turn your performance around for the better. No seller belongs on the first page of the search results, they EARN that right by being fantastic sellers, with fantastic gigs, that earn fantastic reviews.

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hi,it,s happened some times ,very soon your gig will be ranked automatically,It also happened to me don,t worry

Please can you narrate how it happened?

Actually I don know accurate thing but I realized that sometimes it happened ,I think the authority give opportunity to all that,s why gig ups-down happened