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My All gigs got banned from Fiverr Search


I got very shocked that suddenly my all gigs got banned from fiverr search engine and i couldn’t get any order. If i get order also that from my previous clients. I wont get any new orders.

I have tried to contact Customer support so many times, they replied me fast and gave following message:

Due to recent complaints and for the safety of our community, your Gigs will not be listed in our search results until further editorial review. As previously explained, please contact us again in 30-45 days regarding your Gigs, and we will be happy to look into this again for you.

I have have to wait 30-45 days???

Is there someone got same message?


For the last few months I was entering my account every day and did not see any new job.

One day I requested one of my friends to check what was wrong. He reported I had no Fiverr Account! That was a bolt from the sky. I contacted Customer service. They said they have found accounts in the same name, in capital letters, small letters. Their system has received the same id and they accused me of multiple accounts.

I asked them if I need to open multiple accounts why would I do that in the same name? Why they did not notify me? They had not replied my questions.

It took many weeks to fix. They show a very good reason. They are having a lot of issues to resolve. Thank God that you have got a time limit at least.


Reply to @sayeedranger: Yes. Your issue is on multiple accounts. So they banned the gig on both accounts. However, my issue is completely different. I want to confirm why they told to wait 30-45 days. I didnt get understand.


@srishet123 I took a look at your Gigs, they seem to appear and one Gig is even featured.


Reply to @natalieab: Yes One gig is features. But why they blocked all my gigs from search engine. Account is active and i can get orders from old clinets. I wont get any new orders.