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My all gigs of fiverr is at their lowest position but before that my all gigs were on the first page


Please can anyone help me why my all gigs of fiverr is at the lowest position but before that i was getting so many orders in the day as my all giga were on the 1st page and in good position. But since 10 days, my all gigs are going worst. Please anyone can help why it is so. I am working here in fiverr all the day and is available 24/7 time. Please do something for me. Thank you.

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Well, we can’t really do anything for you.
If we could’ve we all would’ve been already on the first page :wink:

Secondly fiverr doesn’t guarantee for you to be always on the first page.

I see that you created only recently your account so it might be that fiverr gave you a “boost” at the beginning

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There is something special happens to my account. How is it possible that my all gigs at the same time came to the bottom. At first, my account was running very well and was getting orders in a day. Can you check my account, what is the fault in it.

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Like @mariashtelle1 said, since you created your account recently you were given
the “new comer” boost. It happens to all of us. It’s been more than 2 months now, so more new comers are appearing at the top. That’s just how it is. There is nothing special or strange happening with your account.
Please keep in mind that new people join Fiverr everyday and things get more and more competitive each week. If you want to get orders, you need to take certain action.


Same happens to many users. According to CS, they are testing new algorithm.
And there seems to be no clear explanation when it’s going to be back to normal.
You can find more details in another thread:


Hi. Same thing happened to me. I was having orders everyday and now the things are worst. So i made some changes in my profile , descriptions, images etc and now i saw my statistics going up so i wait more orders soon. Be patient. Unfortunately we cant be always on top. We must try and work


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