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My all gigs suddenly goes down without any reason

Hi Fiverr Friends!
I am Level 2 Seller. Last month my earning was 1200 USD. I am afraid from last 48 hours my all gigs goes down from search 1 page to 8 or 9 page. I dont know what happen. There is no any warning nor any issue with buyers. What should i do. Please guide me.


I am facing the same problem. You have asked the same question that was in my mind. But I am facing the issue from last 5 month. I hope we will get some solutions from the community.


it’s called gig rotation , it happens from time to time … there are other topics about the subject on the forum that you can check


if you using 2 accounts with same IP address
then that was the reason

I have only one account, why it’s happened to me?

Thank you so much for your valuable comments. I have only one account although sometime i used VPN for working purpose on other site. at that time may fiverr site had on.