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My area Internet Provider sells public IP, So all router IP same

Hi, I used a new net service. But my internet provider sells Public IP. Many people use the same IP. My router and my area all router IP the same. So here we have any problem for use this internet. Here no more internet providers. So what can I do now?


What’s the issue? You don’t have to have a unique IP to use Fiverr. My partner is a seller and we use the same internet connection daily on the same IP address. Both logged in at the same time. Never had an issue.


I think it’s not a fact for harm fiverr account. Fiverr always detected user device like that one computer but you put in to try Two account on that device.

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You probably won’t have a problem with that. But running two ID on the same device can be a problem.


Thank you for your valuable advice, as a new seller we are improved for your advice


Hello, :wolf: do you and your partner sell different services?


Yes we both sell different services. Although there has been the odd occasion where my partner has logged into her account via my laptop when her laptop has not been working to upload a delivery for an order. Again haven’t had anything back from Fiverr on the matter.

Hello sir, maybe it won’t be an effect on your account. Fiverr detect your device IP I think, You have to honest in your work.

Good luck sir.

IP does’t matter your device matters because each device has different MAC address so under one IP or one internet connection you can use thousand fiverr seller account but has to be different accout…cheers Khalid

And it must offer a different service unless you have permission from Customer Service.

Fiverr can’t read your MAC address. Only your IP and your user agent (OS & browser.)

bro Fiverr knows where you keep your 18+ content :joy: :joy: have fiverr told they can’t know your MAC address ??

Lol, no, but I’m a web developer, and I know for a fact that browsers don’t send your MAC address to websites.