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My art gig isn't selling. Advice needed!


My gig still hasn’t sold. I’ve had a few private messages in my inbox about it, but no actual orders, so I know it’s showing up in the search. Critique would be much appreciated so I can figure out why this gig hasn’t sold. Would it be better if I offer the images in color? Coloring takes longer and I’d rather wait to offer that until I can offer gig extras, but would it be good to offer the images in color “for a limited time” for $5 and then charge extra for coloring when I’m able to?

I’m also wondering if there’s some kind of error. Someone told me they ordered one of my pet portraits, but it still hasn’t shown up in my sales, and there’s nothing in the order queue.


Note: This gig was up for a few days, but I had to take it down and repost it due to image errors.


I’m not an artist, but I’ve been in your shoes. I looked at your gigs. I do like your art, but the lack of feedback is off putting for me.

I would say, yes, put that since you are new, you are willing to throw in bonuses for the gig. That is EXACTLY what I did. I offered to give 1 free reading for every 2 that someone bought. Also, I put I did 2+ page worth of reading. I would deliver up to 8 pages sometimes. Overdelivering makes your buyer think OH WOW! This person is AWESOME. Instant positive feedback.

As for the order, I’d contact customer support and link them to the message. You do not want to get scammed (this actually happened to me!)


Thank you for your advice, MrsPanda! I’ll edit my gig accordingly. I just received my first order, so I’ll be able to solve the “no feedback” problem. Thanks again!


Oh. Make sure to write something nice, like, "If you enjoyed the order, please leave some good feedback to help promote my future in Fiverr and thank you for giving me a chance to work for you!"

Only because not everyone leaves feedback. This way, they can think “welp, he overdelivered and went above and beyond for me. Of course I’ll leave him good feedback.” :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea. I didn’t realize not everyone leaves feedback. Should I send that in a message along with the work when it’s time to deliver? Or would it be better to put that in the description of the gig itself? Thank you for taking the time to offer suggestions. :slight_smile:


No problem.

I deliver my work and then I put a message like that with the delivery. Don’t post it on the gig description because then some jackhole will purposely buy your gig to leave negative feedback.


Wow, that happens? That’s really unfortunate. I’ll include that with my deliveries, then. Thank you again!


Good advice mate, but what to do if there are absolutely no views on the gig?


Xylsis, have you tried marketing them on other forums? I think marketing those would be really easy. You seem to have good tags on your gigs, too.


Everyone I’ve heard from here on Fiverr says having a gig video is a big plus. That’s where my Gig can help you out.

My basic Gig uses existing cartoon character rigs but I can do custom rigs of one of your portraits that you send to me and I will bring it to life. It could be a piture of you or just about any character you want. Normally I charge an extra gig to do a custom job but I would be happy to forego that extra fee as a courtesy to a fellow Fiverrer.

What I would need from you is the picture you want me to animate and recording of your voice or one of the other great voice actors here on Fiverr pitching your gig.

One Fiverr Gig gets you up to 20 seconds of custom animation. If you want a longer video it is 1 gig per extra 20 seconds. As I have found the 30 second limit on gig videos is actually more like 1 minute.

Please let me know If I can help you out and we can discuss deliverables in more detail. If not I still sugget a video promo of some sort will help your gig.

I have also collected your gigs in my Anigrams Visual Artists collection.