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My Available now blocked I have for gotten switch off due to I was outside

Dear Colleaques my avaiable now blocket now . Please any body can help me? there is any oppurtunity to get recover it.


The only way to recover it is by waiting a full month - we learn by making mistakes, and next time you won’t forget it anymore :wink:


Thank You Brother and I will try best

You went outside? What was it like?


I think he meant he went outside the house while keeping it on.

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It’s still a giant leap for many Doers. Don’t cheapen it.


I’ve heard of this “outside”. It’s where you go after you die.


Kind of. I’ve read some fascinating near-death experiences wherein some people report actually leaving their toast crumb encrusted bodies momentarily. They float up from their qwerty keyboards, miraculously through their double glazed windows, and find themselves in this strange place covered in concrete and ruled over by bright orange people.

Personally, I find it all a bit too farfetched to be true but you never know.


They take you outside so they can resell your house.

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I still don’t have available now feature. Beside this, i am always available. :slight_smile:

I’m SO afraid of doing that! Esp. since I have multiple devlces, and it can show as ON on one and OFF on another.

I would suggest that you don’t use the feature.

Due to its inability to remain consistent between devices, or due to MY obvious incompetence? :wink:

Or only have Fiverr on only one device. I see sellers coming here almost everyday telling how big of a headache it is to have the feature on. You ought to reply within 15 minutes and lots of other commitments.

True. As long as Fiverr sends that email and it goes to my phone, it should be OK, though. I’ve only gotten one order through that feature, and even though it was a good order, I don’t know if it cancels out the potential headaches if you are not careful with it.