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My average delivery time is spoiled

Hello everybody! I want to know your work experience.
The customer made an order “Jingle recording”, 3 days to fulfill. I delivered the work on time and waited for the customer’s response. He never answered me, not a single message. Today the time has come and the task is completed. I got the money, everything is fine. But the statistics on my page have deteriorated. The average delivery time decreased in the rating. I’m new to the site and I don’t understand why this happened. I had 3 days for delivery, I delivered on the first day, the day I received the order, but my statistics still deteriorated. This is unacceptable. :roll_eyes: Other customers will think that I don’t take customers seriously. What can you advise?


The average delivery time statistic will show your average delivery time from the past 60 days. So as time moves on, whatever order that you delivered late won’t be counted in the statistic. Have you ever delivered an order late?

Buyers don’t have access to your delivery statistics, so there’s not much to worry about, unless it’s under 90%. If it’s below 90%, you won’t be able to move up to the next level. Hope this helps!


Thanks for the comment. In total, I fulfilled 3 orders. Once I was 2-3 hours late, the buyer refused the request to extend the term for another day. I use Google Translate to use this service, so I do not quite understand some of the features and how it works. being a newcomer to this site it is difficult to get an order , I would not like to have even bad statistics at the initial stage. Thank you for your help!

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There you go.

A late delivery, regardless of who is at fault, will impact your average delivery time.

But keep in mind, the word “average” does not mean this is your ordinary delivery time.

And has been stated above, it will change as the 60-90 day cycle keeps changing.

I highly doubt that a Buyer who is blown away by your Gig description and pricing is going to hold your AVERAGE delivery time against you.

That’s just fear talking.

Don’t let fear impact your freelancing career.

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very nice ask…