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My Avg. Response Time is 1 Hour, what about Yours?

Hello Guys,

my Avg. Response Time is 1 Hour, I think it’ll help us to get more sales, because buyers like fast response.

am I right ? :smiley:

To get faster response time, I use Fiverr app for android on my phone, and I set unique ringtone for the app, and I’ll try to answer every inquiry ASAP. People love it…



2 hrs

it’s good my friend,

I’ll try to make mine faster, I hope I can make it 20 minutes. wkwkwkwkwk

but I think 1 hour is the fiverr fastest limit.

Mine is 1 hour as well.

2 hours here.

I’m new to, My Average Response Time is 9 Hour :frowning:

newly enrolled in fiverr my avg. response time is 9 Hours -_-

Mine goes between 3 and 4 hours, and I do have to sleep and take time for family! I think anything under a day is good. Buyers do notice response times but it’s not the only thing to pay attention to.

Yes my friend… the quality is still number 1

my is 30 minutes

Mine is 3 hours :3

1 hour. :slight_smile:

Mine is within 15mins because of the fiverr app but for some reason it says average 1hour

wow. amazon…

Thank you for the idea! My response time has dropped since having my second child, plus we’re going to be moving soon, I need a way to help and this sounds good. :slight_smile:

I’m jealous of those 15 minutes! LOL… Mine is 1 hour during the week and 3 during the weekend. Not bad for a mom of two…

Mine is 2 hours.

Mine’s 7 hours because everyone seems to order/message while I’m sleeping or at work.

Hello, Yes absolutely right, if you are response as soon as possible for buyer, Its better for gain more sells.

And, Our Average response time is 1 Hours also :slight_smile:

I AGREE!! I am always on the go and I do believe it’s necessary to respond to customers right away to ensure the sale. They don’t like to be neglected so even if you can’t provide all the information they need from your phone, just acknowledge them and tell them you’ll get back to them ASAP!