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My Avg. Response Time is 5 days!

Hello everyone, my average response time is 5 days, how can i improve it??

Try to be online as much as you can and reply your buyers instantly. if you can install fiverr mobile app, go ahead and install it so you can get quick notification when a buyer trying to reach you. If you are not available to answer your buyers turn on out of office mode. If you maintain minimal response time within a specific time period your average response rate will be automatically decreased! :wink::+1:


Thank you for your advice.

my average response time was 1 hour, i canceled a a order , now showing 5 days!!

Cancelling an order will not effect to the response rate. but it effect the order completion rate. :wink:

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According to your profile, your response time is 1 hour. :slightly_smiling_face: