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My Avg. Response Time is not showing


Hey Everyone,
My Avg. Response Time is not showing, it has be hidden from last few days. I have no idea why is not showing. how I get it back on my profile?

Help me what i have to do.

Kind Regards,


Hi guestrank,

This a rare problem. Did you make late to response of your buyers??



hlw! dont worry . its means that you dont have any problem. you are doing well. because you are replying your client time to time. so dont worry. if you do late reply then you will see it again . hope you understand


No, my response time was 1hr. and i am active on fiverr and replying my buyers within a few minutes


Means i super active and replying before an hour, thats why its not showing?
if i will reply late then it will be showing again?

P.S - its also not showing on your profile


Sometimes there happens an error and so is the result you are facing. I would contact the Customer Support if I were you. You can contact too to get a solution.



Oh that’s great. Then just tell this to cs of fiverr…

May be there can be technical issue…